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epoints launches new look employee engagement scheme

The unique features and benefits of the recently relaunched employee reward, recognition and wellness scheme, epoints Employee, from IAT has featured in Personnel Today.  The employee engagement scheme offers a host of new features, which give employers and employees an engaging way to inspire individuals, peers and teams. Employers can recognise employees with ecards and can reward them with the epoints currency, which can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world.

The new employee engagement programme, recognises and rewards three main outcomes:
1. Tangible Targets – whether it’s sales, customer service, business efficiency, acquisition or retention – setting clear, measurable targets can be very motivating for employees, particularly when there is a tangible reward for hitting them in the form of additional epoints! Our customer survey found that 96% of employers thought that epoints had increased the motivation of their teams and 87% reported a specific improvement as a result of adding epoints to targets

2. Magic Moments – whether it’s recognising long service, a birthday, or just saying ‘thank you’, non-monetary value epoints e-cards can be shared across the workplace by all staff levels, be it by management or peer to peer – encouraging positive communication, recognition and employee engagement

3. Living Well – wellbeing and wellness is a hot topic within the workplace, and encouraging a healthy, environmentally-savvy workforce is beneficial to all parties and improves employee engagement. Do you have specific recycling or carbon footprint reduction targets? Or encourage walking, running or cycling to work? Through the epoints Employee engagement scheme, your team can record their own wellbeing activities to top up on points.

Matt Norbury, CEO and founder of IAT, says: “Research shows that happy staff are more productive, have less absenteeism and are more profitable than their peers*. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our truly flexible reward solution, epoints Employee. In a space flooded with ‘me too’ and one size fits all benefits, the epoints employee engagement scheme gives your workforce the freedom to enjoy rewards when and where suits them, while being able to gain epoints outside of the workplace too!”

Importantly there are no set up or maintenance fees, and the admin platform is simple to use for all.

Unlike many rewards platforms, the epoints employee engagement scheme also offers individuals the opportunity to bolster their points outside of the workplace with a range of everyday activities such as shopping on and offline, playing games or referring friends. They can also collect and win epoints via partner deals app bigDL. With bigDL, employees can find the best deals across the high street and online and can collect when taking advantage when purchasing the deals or win them via the in app game Spin the Wheel.

Norbury, continues: “With epoints Employee, we have created a platform that is not only scalable, but delivers too. Offering digital and mobile access, and real-time reporting, epoints Employee will engage and motivate your workforce, while driving demonstrable, positive organisational performance.”

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The importance of mobile apps in convenience retail

Matt Norbury talks to Retail Express about the importance of mobile apps in convenience retail

In the latest issue of Retail Express, Matt Norbury, CEO and founder of IAT, talks about the importance of mobile apps like bigDL in the convenience retail industry, 

Matt says: “With customers spending so much time on their mobile devices, it’s vital that the convenience retail industry has a presence.”

Recognising that convenience retail needs a robust and relevant way to connect to customers via their mobile devices, IAT created the bigDL app in 2015, with full launch taking place in August 2016.

Central to bigDL’s technology is its mobile application, which is integrated with mobile coupon and beacon technology, now installed in almost 2000 convenience retail stores nationwide and growing. This includes over 400 Today’s Group stores and over 1,500 independent retailers, as part of bigDL’s partnership with News UK to bring digital technology to convenience retail. The company has ambitious plans to roll out its technology in over 5,000 stores by the end of 2017.

Participating stores showcase their best offers to local customers via the app, including exclusive bigDL coupons. The bigDL app is supported by multiple major FMCG brands delivering exclusive mobile coupons which can be redeemed in-store at participating retailers. bigDL’s mobile coupons have an average redemption range of 35%, dwarfing the average paper coupon redemption rate of 0.8%.

“As shoppers move away from the traditional weekly shop in favour of top-up shops, the bigDL app enables them to make informed buying decisions as they shop locally,” says Matt.

For more information on how bigDL can help drive footfall and sales in convenience, contact us.

IAT CEO discusses importance of wholesale technology

Matt Norbury speaks to Cash and Carry Management magazine about the importance of technology

In July’s issue of Cash and Carry Management magazine, Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of IAT, discusses the importance of the wholesale industry embracing wholesale technology and how bigDL can help connect customers in and out of depot.

Matt says “As a generation of retailers weaned on emerging technologies comes to the helm, wholesalers are all too aware of the need to embrace innovative new technologies.

Despite this understanding, technical innovation in the sector has been somewhat slow due to the lack of awareess and knowledge of the technologies available.

Additionally, there is a misconception that investment in technology would prove expensive, complex and disruptive to the organisation.

Read more at http://bit.ly/2vhskmq (page 33).

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Customers search for a deal before making a purchase

It’s all about the deal – shoppers search for a deal before buying

Research from bigDL reveals popularity of searching for a deal before making a purchase

New research carried out by bigDL has hit the convenience press, with coverage across number of titles including Independent Retail News, smallbusiness.co.uk and Forecourt & C-Store Decision Maker. The research reveals that 80% of adults search for a deal before making a purchase. And, half of those aged between 25-34 years old would postpone or not make a purchase at all if they haven’t got a deal to hand before they buy.

Browsing online for purchases has become a new national pastime.  Seventy-one per cent of 18-34 year olds browse daily with 57% of all adults taking a look every day and two thirds of those over-55 browsing at least once a week*.

“There is no doubt that shopping behaviour has changed forever.  Consumers no longer stick to a particular platform, store or brand.  It’s not about ingrained shopping habits, it’s all about the deal and the availability of deals.”

In fact, bigDL’s research also unveiled that a mere five per cent of people would remain loyal to their favourite brand if enticed by a deal on a similar product.

“We have become a bargain centric society,” says Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of bigDL.  “It doesn’t matter what we are looking to purchase or where, we know that a deal of some description is just round the corner, or just an extra click of mouse.

“There is no doubt that the use of smart phones has accelerated this behaviour with an always on price guide and deal checker at our fingertips.”

The bigDL app 

Recognising that brands needed a robust and relevant way to connect to customers and promote deals via their mobile devices, IAT Ltd, the parent company of bigDL, launched the bigDL app in 2015, with full launch in August 2016.

bigDL provides consumers with a comprehensive view of the best deals on the high street and online. Offers and deals are presented in a Twitter-style deal feed, personalised to each user’s likes and dislikes.

“Connecting with customers, where and how they are shopping is key to mainstream brands’ future success,” continues Matt. “Some brands have built their business on ensuring customers always find a deal and therefore feel comfortable about their purchase.

“Brand engagement is an ever changing space but certainly for the foreseeable future, consumers will be seeking easy to access deals and coupons, on their phones, both online and while out shopping.”

To bolster daily usage, bigDL features gamification via the Big Deal Wheel, the hugely popular game where consumers win a prize every day. Each month, the average user of the bigDL app uses the app 19 times, viewing 171 screens for a total of 60 minutes.

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