bigDL shortlisted for the Start up of the Year award at the Retail Week Tech Awards

We are delighted to announce that bigDL has been shortlisted for the Start Up of the Year award, part of the prestigious Tech Awards, powered by Retail Week.

Along with other shortlisted companies, we will be presenting to a panel of judges at the Discovery stage at Retail Week’s Tech conference on September 13 2017. The winner will then announced at the Tech Awards, held the next evening at Hawker House London.

bigDL has been shortlisted for its pioneering work in bringing gamification to the retail market. Gamification is a way of interacting with consumers through game-like experiences and retaining their interest with fun, addictive actions designed to recognise and reward specific activities. It helps to drive purchase and conversion by adding deeper levels of engagement in a new, relevant and appealing way.

Matt Norbury, CEO and founder of bigDL, part of IAT, says: “Still in its infancy within retail, we have been using gamification to transform engagement in our retail app bigDL. We introduced gamification into the app via the Big Wheel Deal, where consumers have the chance to win a daily prize. And, the impact has been phenomenal.”

Monthly screen views have increased by 550%, from an average of 26 screens to 171 screens. Average monthly app views has also increased by 180%, from 7 monthly views to 19. Dwell time on the app has also increased by an impressive 350%, from 13 mins to 60 minutes. To put this in perspective, this is double the monthly dwell time of Twitter which is 30 minutes.

“Gamifying an experience is key to establishing a habit to regularly visit and engage. There is no doubt that gamification has made our app more engaging, with users spending longer periods of time on the app and viewing more content.”

epoints, a sister company of bigDL, has also introduced gamification into its website with the recently launched epoints Roulette Wheel. Customers are rewarded with a spin of the epoints Roulette wheel, where they can win between £5 – £100 worth of the epoints currency when they make a purchase via the epoints website with thousands of high street retailers. The epoints digital currency can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world.

To find out more about how bigDL can help you introduce gamification into your business, contact us.