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Peer-to-peer recognition: the unique benefits

We all know that it’s important for managers to recognise and reward their direct reports but the responsibility for recognition shouldn’t solely reside with managers. Peer-to-peer recognition can often have an even greater impact on recipients and by encouraging your employees to show appreciation for each other’s efforts, you could revolutionise the way your teams […]

5 Common Employee Recognition Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Recognising and rewarding the performance of employees is vital for creating a positive company culture. Regular real-time feedback has been shown to have a great impact on employee motivation and productivity but there are still a number of common mistakes that businesses often make which can limit the effectiveness of workplace recognition schemes. Here are […]

Employee recognition for every budget

Recognising your employees and rewarding them for their hard work and achievements is essential to ensure you build and maintain a positive, engaged and motivated workforce. However, when it comes to recognition, this doesn’t have to come at a great expense to your company. In fact, some of the simplest ideas are completely cost-free! With […]

The impact of recognition on employee wellbeing

Promoting employee wellbeing is one of the key focuses of many HR departments, and for good reason. It is reported that workplaces in the UK lose up to 27 days of productive time per employee per year due to high stress and other wellbeing issues. With productivity loss predicted to cost the economy £57bn per […]

Is an “Employee of the Month” scheme beneficial?

It is well known that recognition in the workplace is important for a number of key reasons: increasing employee morale, encouraging employee engagement and motivating performance to name just a few. However, it’s also important that we take a good look at HOW we recognise and reward our employees as one type of recognition scheme may not […]

Applying the Psychology Behind Motivation to the Workplace

What motivates your employees? What keeps them engaged with your company and stops them looking elsewhere for new opportunities? Whilst many might think that providing a regular salary and a comfortable work environment is all that is needed by an employer, we’re going to look at the psychology of motivation and break down the key […]

How to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day every day

On the first Friday of every March, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated throughout the United States and Canada. Over twenty years ago, this holiday was created as an opportunity for companies to practice recognition in the workplace, thanking employees for their hard work and efforts over the past year by organising fun events and activities or […]

Introducing Each Person – The new name in employee recognition and rewards

The launch of recognition and rewards scheme Each Person, formally epoints employee, has featured in Personnel Today. Each Person aims to address the disconnect between employers and employees. Each Person does this by making it simple and affordable for businesses to show appreciation to their employees in a positive and engaging way. Matt Norbury, CEO […]