Each Person recognition and rewards

Introducing Each Person – The new name in employee recognition and rewards

The launch of recognition and rewards scheme Each Person, formally epoints employee, has featured in Personnel Today.

Each Person aims to address the disconnect between employers and employees. Each Person does this by making it simple and affordable for businesses to show appreciation to their employees in a positive and engaging way.

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of Each Person, says: “Typically recognition and rewards schemes fail to excite employees, and bear little relevance to what they actually want. That’s where Each Person really comes into its own. Fuelled by the epoints currency, which can be spent on a wide range of products, vouchers and experiences, employee participation is ensured as employees can choose their own rewards that they personally find valuable. This secures participation and engagement with the scheme across all generations of the workforce.”

The Each Person company recognition scheme also enables employees to earn epoints outside of the workplace via a range of everyday activities, such as shopping online or playing games. This ensures employee participation as employees can quickly and easily gain epoints value to spend on rewards, further ensuring employee buy in.

Norbury continues: “We know that salary is not the ‘be-all and end-all’. Studies show that employees who feel valued through company recognition and rewards schemes are more productive, engaged and loyal to their business. If they are appreciated and rewarded, employees work harder, smarter and stay in the business for a lot longer.

Will Guy, Strategic Business Partner, People, Bupa Care Services says: “We have been really happy with the results so far and the way our teams across the UK have embraced the Each Person recognition and rewards scheme. It has not only enabled us to demonstrate that we really appreciate all our employees’ hard work, but it has made each and every member of the team, across the UK, feel part of our special community.”

The Each Person company recognition scheme is built around the needs of employees, aligning rewards to business objectives, focusing on three key areas:

TANGIBLE TARGETS: setting clear, measurable targets can be very motivating, particularly when there is a tangible reward for hitting them!

MAGIC MOMENTS: when something remarkable happens, recognise it, whether it’s long-service, a birthday or anniversary or simply saying “thanks” for an extra effort.

LIVING WELL: we are all more aware of our wellbeing and the health of our planet. We help businesses encourage employees to take part in wellbeing and wellness programmes.

The Each Person recognition and rewards scheme has no set-up costs and 100% of investment is spent on rewards. The company recognition platform also provides real-time insight into your company’s recognition and rewards across the business and employee participation in the scheme while remaining scalable and tailored, by linking to your businesses objective.

For more information, visit www.eachperson.com

The importance of mobile apps in convenience retail

Matt Norbury talks to Retail Express about the importance of mobile apps in convenience retail

In the latest issue of Retail Express, Matt Norbury, CEO and founder of IAT, talks about the importance of mobile apps like bigDL in the convenience retail industry, 

Matt says: “With customers spending so much time on their mobile devices, it’s vital that the convenience retail industry has a presence.”

Recognising that convenience retail needs a robust and relevant way to connect to customers via their mobile devices, IAT created the bigDL app in 2015, with full launch taking place in August 2016.

Central to bigDL’s technology is its mobile application, which is integrated with mobile coupon and beacon technology, now installed in almost 2000 convenience retail stores nationwide and growing. This includes over 400 Today’s Group stores and over 1,500 independent retailers, as part of bigDL’s partnership with News UK to bring digital technology to convenience retail. The company has ambitious plans to roll out its technology in over 5,000 stores by the end of 2017.

Participating stores showcase their best offers to local customers via the app, including exclusive bigDL coupons. The bigDL app is supported by multiple major FMCG brands delivering exclusive mobile coupons which can be redeemed in-store at participating retailers. bigDL’s mobile coupons have an average redemption range of 35%, dwarfing the average paper coupon redemption rate of 0.8%.

“As shoppers move away from the traditional weekly shop in favour of top-up shops, the bigDL app enables them to make informed buying decisions as they shop locally,” says Matt.

For more information on how bigDL can help drive footfall and sales in convenience, contact us.