IAT CEO discusses importance of wholesale technology

Matt Norbury speaks to Cash and Carry Management magazine about the importance of technology

In July’s issue of Cash and Carry Management magazine, Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of IAT, discusses the importance of the wholesale industry embracing wholesale technology and how bigDL can help connect customers in and out of depot.

Matt says “As a generation of retailers weaned on emerging technologies comes to the helm, wholesalers are all too aware of the need to embrace innovative new technologies.

Despite this understanding, technical innovation in the sector has been somewhat slow due to the lack of awareess and knowledge of the technologies available.

Additionally, there is a misconception that investment in technology would prove expensive, complex and disruptive to the organisation.

Read more at http://bit.ly/2vhskmq (page 33).

For more information on how bigDL can help your wholesale business embrace technology, contact us.

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